Subconscious Intelligence

Language of Mind! (It is Hindi)

Subconscious Intelligence:

In this fast, ever-changing and modern times, we all look for that one powerful statement during a crucial moment of the day when we feel less motivated. There is a thin line between sanity and insanity, and between constructive and destructive behaviour. Now either we can plunge in a negative vortex with all the news and happenings around us, or that one right thought, word or affirmation for the positive state of mind can prevent us from going into the black hole called DEPRESSION. This high vibrational vertex of positivity can create wonders, miracles and even prevent a breakdown through which we can avoid major financial, personal, emotional, sexual, spiritual and professional losses or exploitation.

That one AFFIRMATION can and does affect our consciousness and produces enough biological changes in our body to raise the levels of certain hormones and the resulting energy surge strengthens the immune system and the functioning of all our vital organs, especially the brain.

  • Do YOU want to become Subconsciously Intelligent?
  • Do YOU want to train your Subconscious Mind through Conscious Intelligence?
  • Do YOU want to learn the language of the Subconscious Mind?

We may possess conscious intelligence but our subconscious mind is never trained to get work done easily and effortlessly. Subconscious Mind has most of the power to govern human life. But we don’t know how to tame our Subconscious Mind. We need to learn to communicate with our Subconscious mind. Every waking moment of our mysterious life is filled with thoughts which word themselves into statements and become our personal mantras (affirmations – recurring thought patterns).

We repeat the same personal thoughts and convert them into words, actions, results and ultimately into our character and destiny. In the end, we end up cursing our fate for the cruel blows it delivered especially for us. And we wonder where we went wrong analysing the past and worry about the future instead of just being and breathing in the present moment.

One should learn the art and science of “Affirmation” to retrain and reframe our thoughts as it is our Thoughts that Design our Destiny.


  • Professionals
  • Housewives
  • Students
  • Life Coaches
  • Healers
  • Councillors
  • Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs


  • Understand all about affirmations
  • Create affirmations for yourself and others
  • Believe in yourself and others
  • Develop a positive attitude towards work
  • Use your creative imagination
  • Implement efficient habits at work
  • Make wise choices professionally
  • Set and achieve goals in a time frame
  • Be persistent in the career of your choice
  • Live life as Master of Subconscious Mind in financial abundance


Online recording videos with lots of tools, treatments & processes.

Total of 38 video lessons

Your Instructor


I believe it very strongly that “Investment in self is the best Asset.” And during my business journeybeing COE & MD, I have attended, learnt and certified many life-changing courses and here are some of them, which I would like to mention:

  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Affirmation Coach
  • The Law of Attraction Coach
  • Soft skill Trainers
  • Meditation Coach
  • Past Life Therapist
  • Numerologist (Chaldean)
  • Lo Shu Grid Practitioner
  • Parenting Coach
My business’s highs and lows as well as professional courses, not only brought breakthrough results in every area of my life, but also prepared me as Life &iNNER WELLNESS Coach.


I have started my career as an educationalist in the year 2002 at Surat, Gujarat. During the 16 years of my journey, I have designed many vocational curriculum in the field of computer and trained more than 1 lakh students with nearly 100% employment. Government of India & Government of Gujarat, UNO, South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Junior Chamber International & Many more organizations have identified my efforts and intention in the field of education through prestigious awards. I am grateful for all love, respect, and recognition, which I have received by society.

  • She has received " Nari Gaurav " awarded at the occassion of "International Women's Day" SGCCI Ladies Wings on 10th March .16
  • She has been awarded " KAMAL PATRA AWARD " for consistent professional growth and workmanship in bussiness since 2002 by JCI in Year 2013
  • She has been awarded "Saraswat award " for contributing in field of education and social work by "Achala education foundation trust ," Ahemdabad in month of Feb. 2013
  • She has been awarded by "ALL INDIA Achievers Foundation NEW DELHI" for the best performance in the field of education in the year FEB .2010.
  • She is the first lady to be awarded "Rajiv Gandhi International Award " for outstanding performance in Computer Education in year 2006 at Gandhinagar by Gujarat Governor

As a Life &iNNER WELLNESS Coach

I have designed iNNER WELLNESS workshop for better Health, Wealth & Relationship for corporates & community. 500+ live seminars, webinars, and workshop have been conducted in India & USA where more than 2 lakhs people have been addressed. Being a Life coach, I have realized that, time being Seminars or Workshops can empower people for a limited time but then they can not remain motivated for a long time. We need to feed our mind on daily basis, the way we need food for bodily strength. And, I have created my online school where I have uploaded 24+ Courses containing 600+ Videos along with PDF Lessons & World Class Templets on my Digital school. A person can learn art and science of life at one platform called Dipaali’s Digital Life Coaching. (DDLC)

Care & Share

I strongly believe in “Keep Learning, Keep Sharing & Keep Growing” formula and my YouTube channel has offer so many courses absolutely free like NLP, Numerology Knowledge, iNNER WELLNESS, Mirror Work. One must train subconscious mind on a daily basis. You can learn a lot about life and iNNER Wellness inside my YouTube channel ( absolutely free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course will begin as soon as you will subscribe to it.
Who can Join this course?
Everyone can join this program specially Entrepreneur, Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Lawyer, Sales Professionals, Finance managers, CEO. MD, Presidents, Housewives, Students, Trainers, Coaches.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within 48 hours of purchase, and we will give you a full refund.
What is this course all about?
This online course offers formulas for financial freedom, success, happiness in a relationship through lots of affirmation techniques and treatments. This course teaches you the language of the subconscious mind which helps you to achieve your ultimate life purpose.
Tell me the learning and teaching method.
You need to watch the video lessons on a weekly basis as per the convenient time and post the assignments in the comment box. All assignments will be checked personally by Dipaali. You will be answered about all your queries within 24 hrs of time.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Tell me the learning and teaching method?
You need to watch the video lessons on a weekly basis as per the convenient time and post the assignments in the comment box. All assignments will be checked personally by Dipaali. You will be answered about all your queries within 24 hrs of time.
Do I get the any certificate once I complete the course?
Yes! You will have chance to become an Affirmation Coach after finishing this course with EXTRA COST. Mail to claim certificate to become an Affirmation Coach on [email protected]
Can I complete my course in a fast track mode?
Yes, You can! You can watch one video a day, do the assignment daily and post them below the video. Minimum 38 days are required to complete this course.
Can I start teaching others after certification?
Yes! Of course! If you are passionate about teaching & training.
How can I pay?
You need to pay lumpsum to unlock all courses. Use the Green Button "Easy Payment Methods" to unlock the course if you are from India.
To whom should I contact to resolve payment related issues?
Contact on [email protected]
Can I see all videos on my phone or tablet or ipad or desktop?
Yes, you can open videos in all devices. It’s user friendly and easily to accessible.


Bhavesh Thakar: "Since last 3 months I am following Dipaali and her post on various topics. She is genuinely spreading knowledge and positivity for all people of society. Thanks dear Dipaali for inspiring us always."

Ranjit Singh: "Madam, I have gone through lots of motivational books and videos etc. but nothing found effective. I really appreciate your efforts and sharing your knowledge through practical exercise which is impacting us in real. The doing exercise, I felt change in my mind-set, energy level, temperament etc. Very Nice Effort to uplift human kind. Thanks a lot."

Ajay Mayani: "I wish there is the option of giving 50000 stars. You are so generous dipaali that you're offering NLP for free. Now you are one of my top mentors. Keep making our planet a better place. May God bless you with all the happiness and love you deserve."

Alpa Thakkar: "I was seeking mentor like you who help to transform my life. I could restore my self-confidence through online course of Dipaali Ghanshyam Patel. Her video lessons are so easy and her live support is excellent. I am glad to have you as my mentor!"

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